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Once your lash set is complete and you open your eyes you may fall in love and never want to be without eyelash extensions again!

There are a few tips I recommend to help them last longer. Here are a few: 

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The First Day

- Keep your lashes dry for the first 24 hours. 

-Do not rub or touch your eyes

- Brush through your lashes 

- Do not sleep on your face

- Avoid heat or steam near face

- Do not pull on your lash extensions

Cleaning Process

- Be sure to wash your lashes everyday

- Use specialized lash extension safe lash shampoo

- Do not use oil based products 

- Use soft bristle brush to get in between extensions

- Any facial or natural skin oils will break down adhesive

Cosmetic Products

Makeup Don't

- Avoid using mascara or eyelash curlers

- Avoid using any waterproof makeup products

- Do not use any cotton rounds near the eyes

- Use minimal amounts of liquid face products near eyes, it can cake up and make the eyelash extensions stick together and cause build up

- Only use oil-free makeup remover

- Do not apply false eyelash strips and glue on top of eyelash extensions, this will pull your natural lashes out

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